Cancer horoscope december 24 birthday


  1. December 24 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile
  2. December 24 birthday horoscope
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Find out what to expect right now with your premium horoscope! So relax into this. The changes you face are about how you relate to your independence. Trust yourself right now. Trust your partner.

December 24 Zodiac - Complete Birthday Horoscope & Personality Profile

Trust what you feel drawn to do. Uranus in Aries squares Pluto but trines Venus, Saturn, and the sun. Things are coming together. Mars in Scorpio continues to push your spiritual growth and bind you to your love. What have you learned?

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What do you sense is real? Love Lesson: Love is real. Love is everything. You want something solid and real. I know it can be disappointing and frustrating not to have found the love you want. Trust that none of your life has been a waste of time. It has all gotten you here. Passion Prediction:.

December 24 birthday horoscope

This is your holiday treat. The moves you take now will help you express yourself through all of , so stay true and listen to your heart. Venus is working alongside many planets this weekend, so you just might meet someone who has lasting potential.

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Sunday may bring tears, as the moon conjuncts Neptune and squares Mercury, but these are very likely tears of relief. The Pisces moon sextiles Venus and trines Mars. The hard truth you see now disrupts your happy feels, and who wants that? Love Lesson: Problems in partnership are best faced head on, with kindness, as a team.

This goes for love, too. Venus quickly approaches the sun in Capricorn. Life is about tangible goals. So what are your goals? What do you want?

Taurus (April 20 - May 20)

Reflect on partnership. Close your eyes and visualize your day-to-day experience with a lover. Feel how this lover makes you feel. Now open your eyes while holding that feeling in your mind. This is the feeling you want. Go for what you want! Your ruler, Mercury, is turning direct and moves completely out of the retrograde shadow on January So this weekend, enjoy tensions lifting. There will be plenty of time for that in the weeks to come as we move deeper into Capricorn. A major love lesson is heading your way.

Your self care and your sexual pleasure are being taken care of, so most likely, this lesson is coming in terms of healing old wounds. Venus squares Chiron, and Chiron represents both our wounding and our healing, making this weekend a combination of both. Think fighting and making up and probably having makeup sex.

Cancer Daily Horoscope

Whatever tension arises now hits a very sensitive point that you need to address to further solidify your romantic commitment. Conflicts in love can drive you apart or bring you closer together. You are in your zone, connected to your highest self, and focused on what matters most — the people you love. This works in your favor as a natural filter. The people who stick by you through the years are courageous and unconditionally loving — just like you.

They develop romantic fascinations easily and may find it difficult to know what they want from love.

They enjoy being seen with an attractive partner, and they may confuse this with love. The dark side of people born on this date usually has roots in childhood. They may feel they failed to receive needed nurturing and may be self-critical as a result. As parents, they are usually indulgent but often understand the emotional needs of their child. People born on this date like to look their best, and if that requires following a complicated health and fitness regimen, they are all for it.

Paradoxically, their amazing self-discipline often goes hand in hand with fad dieting, as they try to prove just how much willpower they possess. Like other people of their sign, December 24 people are hard workers who weather the sacrifices that come with success.

They can follow rules they don't agree with, because they know self-discipline usually pays off. December 24 people are good financial planners and money managers. They aren't afraid to take risks. People born on this date are a combination of free-wheeling and conservative. They know they're most likely to succeed by alternating methods -- and success is the goal.

This may have to do with business, but for some it means family life, personal power, or even spiritual enrichment.