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The security forces has to use pellet guns, tear gas, rubber bullets and assault rifles to curb the hooligans.

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It resulted in the deaths of scores of civilians and thousands were injured. The statement of Narendra Modi ignited Pakistani leaders and they have now started creating a war hysteria again. The Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Saturn running till 12th of October is also bad. In the chart of Narendra Modi the maximum number of planets are connected with the 7th house or its lord.

Top 10 Astrology Freelancers in Pakistan | Best Astrology Freelancer in Pakistan | Truelancer

Later in the year he would have been under the Vimshottari dasha of Moon-Venus October to June which also indicates danger of war under his leadership. Venus is the lord of 7th house in the chart of Narendra Modi. In the foundation chart of India the 7th house of war and foreign affairs has been under the influence of both Saturn and Mars since last 6 months now.

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The Moon is the lord of 3rd house showing border tensions with neighbors. Mars as the lord of 7th house is indicating a war coming very soon.

Astrology Freelancers in Pakistan

This territorial war between India and Pakistan may become the cause of a bigger conflict in when Saturn-Jupiter would be transiting from Capricorn. In the foundation chart of India the Capricorn is the 7th house from its natal Moon in Cancer. The Capricorn sign gets only 20 points in the Sarvashataka Varga which make it a weak rashi. So the major planets like Saturn, Jupiter and Mars transiting from the Capricorn sign gives trouble to India.

But before this in there will be territorial wars that India will have to face risking a danger to its economy which is going upward with the GDP growth rate of more than 7 percent at present.

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In the horoscope of Pakistan an enigmatic Vimshottari dasha of Rahu-Venus is running at present. Venus is the lord of 7th house signifying wars. The maha dasha of Venus was stared in December since then Pakistan has witness brutal terrorist attacks at its soil. There has been no international events of hockey and cricket in the country ever since Pakistan has entered into this Venus dasha. Now in Venus-Rahu 21 February to 20 February the country is at the risk of another disintegration. In case of war with India the Pakistan is assured in getting the strategic support from Muslim countries Rahu and China.

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Search forums. Log in. JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Do you know any good astrologer or Numerologist in Pakistan? Thread starter aushami Start date Nov 3, Please dont come up with comments that it is illegal or illogical.

Hire Astrology Freelancers in Pakistan and Experts

Just answer the question if you know. It seems you need eye glasses. Astrologers are at every corner of the streets in Pakistan. Most amazing thing is your luck and your future will be determine by a cute parrot. Yes , the parrot will tell you what gonna happen in your life. At the end, one thing to mention.

After you had consulted the astrologer, your Salat and duas will not be entertain by the All Mighty. Your all previous good deeds will be washed away. You will be counted out of your faith.

Please read post completely. I dont need to understand if it is haram or what. Both of these ilms have been practised by muslims too in the past. So thank you. Arey bhai un ke paas jana hota to yahan per kyun sawaal karta.. I am looking for someone who has actually experienced someone? If you have any proof that astrology or numerology was practiced by the sahaba or tabaeen then please refer it to me i dont have anything related to this in my knowledge. I am interested in knowing if its allowed. Sarfaraz Zahid. Liaquat Sibtain.

Bakht Abdali. NS is lost in astrology with a star. Inshallah u,ll be alrigh. Last edited: Nov 4, Why you guys want me to believe in something that I am not munkir of?