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In the week or so ahead, you can feel the weight of your responsibilities quite deeply until you grow accustomed to this shift of perspective. This may translate as temporarily decreased motivation for some learning, communications, or domestic endeavors. There can be delays related to these matters. Pending decisions can pull you down just for now. You might return to an unfinished project rather than take on a new one, and this is likely to be more successful.

Simplifying and structuring your life are important now. Saturn turns retrograde on April 6th, , and will continue to move in its apparent backward motion until August 25th.

Sobriety and the Stars: How to Use Astrology in Recovery

This cycle is healthy for reviewing your commitments and responsibilities, particularly related to finances, business, security, comfort, communications, studies, and transportation. There may be some delays related to some of these matters or a temporary pulling back from certain projects until you come to your conclusions. During the shift itself, responsibilities feel heavier than usual.

You need to stick to things, but you might also need to review and examine your attitudes, needs, and budgets.

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Right now, slow down and get things right before moving forward. Simplifying, editing, and organizing activities fare very well now, while brand new beginnings related to these areas of life should probably wait as they may cause undue stress. Saturn continues to transit your sign until mid-December In , Saturn is retrograde from April 6-August 25, signaling a period of review. You may, in fact, experience less in the way of external pressures on you compared to recent months. On the other hand, there can be some guilt and anxiety to deal with until you adjust to this shift. The sooner you tune into your sense of purpose and keep in mind that you are learning to rely on yourself and get your life into order, the less overwhelming things will be.

Because Saturn rules your money sector, this can be a time for reviewing your finances, spending less, and reconsidering commitments. Moderation is necessary now. Returning to a previous project may be particularly rewarding during this cycle, and is more likely to be profitable or successful than a brand-new one. Your ruler, Saturn, begins its yearly retrograde cycle on April 6th and lasts until August 25th. This is a natural time for you to review your obligations and reconsider personal plans. Some level of withdrawal is possible now. Saturn has been transiting your privacy sector for a couple of years and will end this transit in mid-December when it moves into your sign, and new responsibilities will emerge.

This is a period of learning more deeply about your spiritual goals, tying up loose ends or finishing long-term projects that have outworn their purpose. The retrograde cycle itself is a powerful period for review and is not as ideal for launches of major long-term projects. Returning to complete old projects can be rewarding now.

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  5. This cycle indicates a relative period of review — of looking back and reassessing current goals, relationships, and attachments, particularly as they relate to commitments and duties. Consideration of what your friends or group associations mean to you is important now. Now and in the coming week or so, you may feel the weight of responsibilities quite heavily.

    However, as you adjust to this shift, you are better able to see the benefits of structure in these areas of life. Increases or expansion may lead to stress rather than joy right now, so do your best to tone things down and get what you have in place in better order — that is the key to success during this cycle. From April 6 to August 25, Saturn is retrograde in your sector of career and responsibilities.

    Because Saturn rules your sector of friendship, groups, and happiness goals, these areas of life are also affected. There is a real need to simplify rather than expand or increase in your career, with your reputation, and with friends, as development or expansion can bring about undue stress. You would also do very well for yourself by examining your goals, particularly your professional ones.

    Aim to focus on realizable goals and to bring more stability and structure to your life rather than take on major new enterprises at this time. Your bigger ideas need more time, edits, and definition before they should be set into motion. Cafe Astrology is brimming with free articles, features, interpretations, and tools that will appeal to people with a casual interest in learning Astrology, as well as beginning through advanced students of Astrology.

    Venus Rulerships and Retrograde Effects. Venus retrograde more so than a Mercury retrograde will have a tendency to bring the more personal, meaningful relationships that you have had back into focus. Try to work on them. Below is a brief look at what you can expect for each astrological sign. Delay if possible, especially if you are uncertain. Gemini Astrological Profile.

    When Mercury goes retrograde in one of the signs it rules -- chatty, social Gemini -- the usual Mercury Retrograde mishaps can become even more of a nuisance than they normally are! Anything involving writing, speaking, teaching, or learning could get especially dicey when these two team up. That may sound overwhelming, but it is possible to parse them out, starting with what it means in general when these planets enter retrograde. Where ever the Retrograde planet sits that house gets maximum emphasization rather than the lordship.

    By identifying the house placement in which Venus will station retrograde, you can think of how you might prepare for this time and really use it to grow in relationships, personal values, and all things Venus during this time. Don't be too available for a. Venus in Leo brings artistic flair and productive needs. The placement of Venus in 12th house would bring positive impacts upon the life path and would keep a balance in between the expenses and income of the person.

    Find the Venus in retrograde dates and how not to let astrology get the best of you. Although the Gemini energies tend to cause an unfocused energy when Venus transits this sign, it will shift as the retrograde motion of Venus beings on May Therefore, it is fortunate that the Planet only turns retrograde every eighteen months for. In the short term, it could affect your chances at having a smooth Halloween party hookup.

    May 13, am EDT. Venus completes her retrograde on April 15 conjoining Chiron all shown in the video below.

    A tousled, casual appearance is just fine with these men. Could this be referring to the astrological phenomena of Venus retrograde? After all, Venus has two sides to her. Venus in feminine signs Taurus, Cancer, Virgo , Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces shares a flowing harmony that's more receptive. I have known gems to switch up on me after a few months tho yes the other face lol so I cant tell if it's the retrograde or what.

    All planets in the Universe are in motion, all of the time — some moving forward at a normal speed, and some moving slowly, giving them the impression of backwards or retrograde movement. Whoever passes this trial is rewarded with improved and new connections and romantic experiences. Venus is in Gemini, retrograde. A healthy attitude toward money is necessary to cultivate. She is rela-tively happy in her sign of exaltation, Retrieve Content.

    Venus is our next-door neighbor here in the solar system, and therefore it is retrograde the least amount of time of all the planets — only once every 18 months, for about 6 weeks at a time. The Gemini drive is to experience as much as possible, in order to be able to compare and contrast, and learn. In this case, the Sun is catching up with Venus, which is looking back via its retrograde.

    Venus in Gemini Women influences their love and commitment appraisals. Do you feel it? There will always be some problems in a relationship. Since Venus is turning retrograde in Gemini, those with planets or points in the mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces are the most likely influenced, especially at the degrees where Venus is stationing retrograde and direct: 24 degrees Gemini, 7 degrees Gemini. Yes, it can seem super complex at times. How will Jupiter's retrograde impact the rest of your year?. Venus retrograde: The great lady of relationships, values, connection, paused in her starry dance on May 15 to help you look backwards.

    Do your best not to let frustrating people get to you. This page also describes the basic principles of astrology. Venus retrograde in your 3rd house Gemini will rule over communication, everyday activities and the regular rhythm of life.

    Retrograde Cycles/Stations Archives 2016-2017-2018

    During Neptune retrograde however, speech is a little looser, and people might not always mean what they say. After that, she becomes a dreamy evening star until her next retrograde cycle in chatty Gemini from May June 25, Morning Star Venus vs. Venus Retrograde Transit. Natal Venus Retrograde Venus, the planet of beauty and love, is in retrograde motion for approximately 40 days every one and a half year.

    Venus, the Evening then Morning Star, has retrograded in Scorpio. Read how the stars influence your sexual life.

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    5. The position of Venus in your birth chart means a lot for your personality and love life, according to Allure's resident astrologer. Mercury has already become direct on July Any unfinished business with exes may be up for a resolution, or you may rekindle a previous relationship. The next loop includes star points at 3 Scorpio, 21 Leo and 14 Gemini. Too many? Apply this to your healing, to your lifelong process of getting well. Perhaps a family member. Astrology Transits for October Venus Retrograde. With Venus retrograde moving through your health and pleasure sectors, this period is showing you how you can make your everyday life more fun.

      Venus, speaking in the voice of curious Gemini, asks, "What have you gotten lazy about? October 5, 6 min read. It is quite a commonly known fact that this planet is also regarded as the symbol of love, married life, and luxuries. The retrograde period lasts up to 40 days, only happens every 18 months, and is to not go direct until November 16th at 25 degrees Libra. Free Horoscopes: get free horoscopes for life, love, work and more. By appearing to move backward, these Planets generate a diffused and unfocused energy. An old flirtation that never caught fire might show up on your radar.

      Sobriety and the Stars: How to Use Astrology in Recovery | The Temper

      Retrograde Mercury has transited in its zodiac sign, Gemini and conjuncted with the planet Rahu. Each year, Mercury will favor one element over another. Mercury is in retrograde motion 3 times during March 5 - March 28 in Pisces July 8 in Leo sign - August 1 in Cancer October 31 - November 20 in Scorpio When we talk about the retrogradation of the planets, we refer to their apparent reverse motion from a geocentric perspective watched from the Earth. Posts about Venus retrograde written by skywatcher More predictions for October here. General Venus Mahadasha Interpretations: General effects which are felt during the Maha Dasha of the Venus are as follows : During this period one may be endowed with jewels, ornaments and clothes.

      Every year Saturn goes retrograde for some four months or so. Venus retrograde is brilliant for going back to finish projects. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Venus and Mars in the signs. Jupiter's presence in Gemini helps stabilize Mercury. When Venus is retrograde at birth, the feeling nature is deep. Socializing is taken seriously, and rarely lightly. They can be somewhat shy in youth, as there can be an awkwardness felt concerning small talk and social graces, and an aversion for superficialities. Love is extremely important to a person with a retrograde Venus, but they may not be explicit about it enough for others to know just how deeply they can love.

      There is always more to this person than meets the eye. Their love life and sometimes financial life can be hidden in some manner. People born under Venus retrograde have to watch for self-sabotage in love relationships. Deep insecurities can be present. Self-love can be an issue. Fears can lead them to overcompensate, such as overeat, serial date, etc. The same person can swing from both poles in one lifetime. A balance, of course, is ideally sought.

      Standing up for yourself or asserting yourself may be a challenge, as it can stimulate fears of being ineffective when Mars is retrograde at birth. There might often be roundabout ways of going after your desires.

      Moon Phase Cycle: Bigger Picture

      The desire nature runs deep, but is often misunderstood by others. Timing might often be off, or you could express your desires or anger in bursts rather than more flowingly, whereby you keep these things to yourself and let them build until you explode. Competition can unnerve you, and you are usually better off setting your own pace than working by schedule or with others. You might come up with very creative ways of expressing yourself physically as you mature, or channel your energy into unusual but effective areas quite effectively.

      As we move further out with the planets, retrogrades occur more frequently, and it is more common for people to have these planets retrograde in their charts. People born with Jupiter retrograde in their natal charts tend to have different or unusual perspectives, belief systems, or sets of morals.

      They prefer to learn from their own experiences and reactions to them, rather than from others. They may need to learn that they deserve what others might naturally feel entitled to.